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Our Story

Verde Home was founded in 2006 as a partnership between Laura Walker, Paul Baird and Kent Schneider. Our story is a reflection of our professional backgrounds, personal interests and the pursuit of one simple question; If we were going to open a showroom, what would it look like? As our profiles illustrate, we have all been working in the home furnishings business for many years and our collective goal was to open a showroom that exemplified our design vision and maintained the highest level of customer service while, in addition, promoting artisans whose creations were sensitive to the environment. Our hope is that you will visit Verde Home because you like our style and leave knowing that what you have purchased was constructed to be both beautiful and attentive to the protection of our natural environments.


Laura Walker Baird began her career studying art history in Venice, Italy. Returning to the states, Laura opened her own design business that flourished in Atlanta until moving to London, UK, where she worked to transform the homes of other expatriates. After four years in the UK, Laura relocated to Milan, Italy, where she taught design classes and offered a courier service to English speaking dealers looking for antiques. Following several years in Italy, Laura returned to Atlanta, GA and opened Laura Walker LTD., an interior design firm. Laura?s projects have been photographed for Traditional Home, Custom Home Builder, Decorating, Better Homes and Gardens, PaperCity, The Peach, Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles and the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Her work has additionally been highlighted in the nationally televised TBS series "Movie and a Makeover". In this series Laura is filmed while creating a theme for a living space which correlates to a movie being broadcast on the Turner Network. Laura has made nine such appearances to date. Paul Baird and Kent Schneider, enter the Verde Home venture with over 20 years combined experience in the handmade floor coverings industry. Paul served as the National Sales Manager for nine years at Rugs by Robinson, a leading US importer of high-end, hand knotted floor coverings. He has traveled extensively throughout the United States visiting home furnishing and flooring specialty stores. Kent Schneider was the Director of Operations at Rugs by Robinson and has worked in all aspects of the industry from manufacturing to distribution and marketing over his 11-year tenure. He has an MBA from Georgia State University and possesses a strong financial background specific to the needs of the design industry.


At Verde Home our aim is to provide our customers with the finest home furnishings and the best customer service while making sure we minimize the impact this has locally and globally. Our philosophy of Style and Sustainability allows us to bring beauty into your home without adversely affecting the beauty of the natural world. Our goal is to leave a mark on your living spaces, not the environment. With this in mind, Verde Home offers furniture produced from sustainable forests as well as an upholstery that is entirely organic and Forest Stewardship Council certified. Many of our accessories are exquisite antiques collected by Laura Walker while others are natural artifacts transposed into works of art through the practice of up-cycling. All of the merchandise offered at Verde Home, from our extensive collection of hand-woven Tibetan carpets to our silk fabrics, is hand crafted by accomplished artisans and then personally arranged by Laura to exemplify her design vision of Style and Sustainability.

What Makes us Green?

At Verde Home we recognize that the world we live in is a precious and delicate thing. We also recognize that many of the current business practices and goods sold around the globe are at odds with the health and beauty of our planet. Having recognized this we believe that it is our responsibility to minimize our impact on the natural world in hopes of preserving it for generations to come.

Businesses engaged in the sale and services of environmental products are often referred to as Sustainable or Green business. There are differing definitions of what a green business is depending on whom you talk to. These are often referred to as Shades of Green. Our definition of Sustainability and Green is as follows:

We define the concept of Sustainability to be meeting the needs and aspirations of the present without jeopardizing the ability to meet the needs of the future. We realize that in today's world our business will leave a trace which is to say that it will not be purely sustainable. At Verde Home we will seek to minimize, and whenever possible eliminate, how products made for the home negatively impact our natural environment and by doing so we will call ourselves Green. Therefore we define Green as meeting the needs and aspirations of the present while minimizing (and working to eliminate) the impact our actions have on the ability to meet the needs of the future.

In order to ensure that we are consistently striving to minimize our environmental impact we have devised a simple icon system to govern the products featured at Verde Home. These icon categories may be broken down by the major qualifications or categories that are most widely referenced when discussing green products. Those categories are: Materials Use, Manufacture Method, Transport, and Utilization.

All products distributed by Verde Home must meet one of the following criteria:

Materials Use- takes into consideration the materials harvested, created, or reclaimed in order to produce a product along with any by-products that may be used in assembly. These are the most widely sited of the green product qualifications. At Verde we will use following labels to define the materials found in our product offerings.

Manufacture Method - takes into consideration how a product is made. For instance is the company that makes the product using alternate energy sources or a producing in a way more efficient than the industry norm? Are they reducing the embedded energy in the product or employing fair trade practices? If so we will give the product the following label.

Transport - takes into consideration how much energy is used to get a product to market. This includes both the obvious petroleum fuel costs as well as the sometimes hidden costs of the additional packaging used to bring a product to the market place.

Utilization - takes into account the use of the product and its design. Was the product made to be substantially more energy efficient than the industry norm? Or was this product made of such high quality that its intended life is far greater than the norm thereby reducing its need for replacement.

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